Why You Should Become a Nail Technician

Franklin Nails


Are you creative, a lover of all things beauty, and want a job that gives you independence? A nail tech may be the perfect job for you. There’s a reason why nail technicians love what they do so much. Why not become a part of the industry yourself? The following are all great reasons to become a nail tech.


It Can Be a Creative Escape

Like any career in the beauty industry, an artistic eye is essential if you want to be a nail tech. This job is much more than manicuring nails; it’s an art form that many people are willing to pay good money for. Every person who comes into the nail salon will ask for something different, will want a different color of nail polish, etc. Let your imagination soar and use your creativity to be the best nail tech in the industry.


You Become Close With Your Clients

While you’re sitting painting and manicuring fingernails and toenails, you have to talk about something. Often, nail techs will become close with their clients and hear some great stories throughout the day. If you’re a people person, a nail tech is a great job where you can be social and work at the same time.


This Career Path Offers Flexibility and Independence

If you’re artistic but also want a flexible work schedule, starting a nail business or being a nail technician may be the perfect job. When you’re a nail tech, you have specific clients who book appointments with you, and you may occasionally take walk-ins at your salon. But, the job offers a lot of freedom and flexibility, and you can usually make your schedule depending on how many appointments you’d like to take.


You Can Be the Boss

If you’ve always wanted to be a business owner, you can open up your own business instead of just being a tech at a salon. What would be better than having a great group of motivated girls, a thriving business, and earning a great living? You have to be willing to work hard, but if it’s something you really want to do, it’s worth it; and becoming a manicurist is the first step to making this dream happen.


Franklin Academy Offers Real-World Experience in the Nail Industry

In the fast-paced world of nail design, there’s no better time to get the education to become a professional manicurist. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest nail trends and tips, there is no better place to do so than at Franklin Academy. We will train you on everything that you need to know in this growing field of beauty. We teach you about basic nail and skin health, sterilization procedures, advanced nail art, massage techniques, and more. Building your book of business and getting started in your career doing manicures and pedicures is easy with the assistance of our school. Contact Franklin Academy today to begin your dream career in nail services.