Trendy Hairstyle Ideas: Winter Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair


Winter is coming, and once cold weather hits, do we really have to pull out our blow dryers? It’s always recommended that you use as little heat on your hair as possible; but in the winter, it’s especially important. With the heat cranked all the way up in the shower, your hair is already taking a beating. Plus, the more you dry your hair out, the more static you will have.

If you’re worried about heat damage or let’s face it, would rather be sleeping than styling, here are five hairstyles to get you through the winter season.

Half-Up Top Knot Topknot | Franklin Academy

This is the perfect hairstyle for when your hair is a hot mess. It’s also great for those of us with thick hair. By throwing up the top layer of your hair into a bun, you’re showing less hair around your face which means less craziness. Sometimes, you can’t control that crazy mane of hair. Once you section your hair off and put a bun on top, tease the bottom of your hair or use wave spray to give those more relaxed pieces a little extra volume.


Sidebraid | Franklin AcademyTwisted Side Braid

For all girls with long and thick hair, this one’s for you! A simple side braid with a twist is a no-heat hairstyle that is good for casually running errands or going out. Next time you want to throw your hair in a ponytail, try out this hassle-free braid instead.

Low Pony With RibbonLowponyribbon | Franklin Academy

If you’re a simple gal and just want to throw your hair into a ponytail most days in the winter, this look is for you. You can easily dress up a ponytail and make it look more feminine by simply adding a ribbon. Brush your hair and tie it back into a low pony, and tie the ribbon around your ponytail into a bow. You can leave a few pieces of hair out near the front to shape your face.

Noheatwaves | Franklin AcademyNo Heat Beach Waves

If you love your natural hair but think it looks a little too flat, try this. Spritz some sea salt spray into a paddle brush and comb through your hair, teasing at the crown. This will give you a boost of volume that stays all day long without it looking greasy. Quick and easy!



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