Top Meghan Markle Hairstyles

She wasn’t always royalty. Once upon a time, the now Duchess of Sussex was a theater nerd at Northwestern University pursuing a degree in communications. Before meeting and marrying Prince Harry in May of 2018, Meghan was known for her role as Rachel Zane on the American legal drama series, Suits and also played a briefcase girl on the popular game show Deal or No Deal.


The 36-year-old can now add princess to her resume, and we think the role fits her well. Even before she stepped into the royal spotlight, Meghan rocked the red carpet on several occasions. Her hairstyles over the years are what Pinterest board dreams are made of. Franklin Academy is breaking down all things Meghan Markle’s hair―our favorite styles, how to achieve the looks, and Meghan Markle hair care tips so you can obtain flawless locks.


Mmcurls | Franklin AcademyBouncy Curls

Back in 2006 during her Deal or No Deal days, Meghan rocked voluptuous, bouncy curls. It might have been a long time ago, but we still think she looks camera ready.

How to Achieve the Look: For big bouncy curls, use a large barrelled curling iron or a wand (1” or bigger). Always use a heat protectant when curling your hair to avoid breakage and damage. Simply grab a 1-½”-2” section of hair and keep the hair flat wrapped tightly around the barrel. You can either start at the top of your head and wrap the hair as you go down or start at the bottom and curl away from your head going up (twisting the iron itself).

When to Wear It: Night Out on the Town, Date Night, Party, Wedding, School Dance

Beachy Waves Mmwaves | Franklin Academy

Less bounce but we aren’t loving it any less. Meghan’s beachy waves and face-framing layers in this hairstyle from 2012 are just perfect. We also love her medium-brown color.

How to Achieve the Look: To achieve the volume for these beach waves, the trick is to use a texturizing spray. According to Birchbox, Markle frequently uses Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Flip your head over when spraying it on your hair and flip up fast to give it a little bounce. Don’t have naturally wavy hair? Add a few curls randomly throughout with a wand.

When to Wear It: To the Beach, Great Everyday Look


Mmpony | Franklin AcademyPerfect Slicked Back Ponytail

Most of us throw our hair up in a ponytail when we’re heading to the gym. But for Meghan, her ponytail makes a statement on the red carpet. 

How to Achieve the Look: To get a runway-perfect pony like Meghan’s; you’ll need a smoothing brush, a hair tie, bobby pins, light gel, and finishing product. Style your hair however you prefer (straight or curly). Start pulling your hair back into a pony and apply the light gel to your hairline and the “slicked back” part of the pony. Use the smoothing brush to tame flyaways and secure the updo with a hair tie. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin to hide the elastic of the ponytail. Finish with a shine spray for an extra-sleek look.

When to Wear It: Wedding, Party, Night Out


Loose Curls 

Mmloosecurls | Franklin Academy

As of recently when spotted with her beau Prince Harry, Meghan has been loving the loose curls/wavy look. We love this look as she takes a stroll outside the palace. I think Queen Elizabeth would approve, too!

How to Achieve the Look: The best way to achieve this look is to use a large barrelled curling iron; however, rather than curling the entire piece of hair, start at the bottom and only go halfway up. Do this all around your head and finish with a holding spray. To achieve a more wavy/loose look, run your fingers through the curls. This article on Womenzilla includes a Meghan Markle Hair Tutorial and explains another way to achieve this style.

Bonus Tip: Looking to make your hair even more smooth and touchable? According to Town & Country, Meghan is obsessed with this smoothing hair oil by Wella. It also doubles as a pretty amazing body oil and smells like vacation, she says.

When to Wear It: Everyday Look, Out Shopping, Party, Family Event


Mmupdo | Franklin AcademyFlawless Updo

The Perfect Meghan Markle Hairstyle For Wedding – Whether You’re the Bride, a Bridesmaid, or a Guest

Last but not least, who could forget this iconic Meghan Markle hairstyle from the wedding day? Meghan decided to change looks on the big day and rocked this updo at the reception. While most people were gushing over her dress (how could you not?) let’s not look past the fact that her hair is looking flawless. Here, Meghan styles her updo with loose pieces hanging in the front to frame her face.

How to Achieve It: For this look to work, you’ll need to have layers. Ask your stylist to give you layers and some bangs (not too short, but just enough for the hair to hang out from a ponytail or updo like this one). To achieve the updo, part your hair down the middle and pull hair back on the sides, leaving pieces out in the front. Use a texturizing spray and wrap the hair in a tight chignon (knot or a coil on the back of your head). Add bobby pins as needed to pin any pieces back. If necessary, make the pieces around your face a bit wavier by curling them.

 When to Wear It: Wedding, Prom, and Other Special Occasions


No doubt about it, Meghan Markle is a style icon and we all wish we had her hair. However, with the help and expertise of a stylist at Franklin Academy. We are a highly regarded cosmetology School in Cleveland, Tennessee with expertise in all things hair from cuts to color to styling. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.