The Positive Impact Cosmetology Has on Health


The beauty industry is a very rewarding and unselfish career field. Every day, licensed cosmetologists work relentlessly to help people become a better version of themselves. Whether it’s hair, skin, or nail care, cosmetologists are committed to helping clients bring their inner beauty in front of the public eye.


Over the years, Franklin Academy has proudly helped the sharpest talent in the beauty industry secure their cosmetology licenses. As a leading cosmetology school in Tennessee, we pride ourselves in the value of a high-quality beautification service. Our goal is to help people feel restored the moment they step foot out of our salon.


There is a great amount of fulfillment that comes along with a cosmetology career. One of the most rewarding aspects is being able to help others live a healthier lifestyle. Yes, that’s right; cosmetology has been proven to be beneficial for our mental, physical, and emotional health. These are the two main reasons why that’s possible:

Eliminates Stress:

Work-related stress can be a leading cause for many chronic health problems. Being showered in exhaustion from a job that you are truly unhappy with is very hazardous for your personal well-being. This can lead to long-term trouble with your immune, digestive, and reproductive systems, as well as your sleeping patterns.


Doing a job that you are truly passionate about certainly makes it easier to come to work every day and this is quite the commonality for most cosmetologists. In many cases, their work is their therapy. It’s an escape from any other personal problem and coping mechanism that may help steer them away from bad habits related to any other stress factors.


For clients, being pampered is one of the ultimate forms of relaxation. As you sit back in a comfortable chair, you have the ability to take the edge off as a trained cosmetologist is helping you feel and look more beautiful. This gives you the opportunity to unwind, take a break from any external responsibilities, and be at peace.

Boosts Self-Esteem:

Low self-esteem often leads to depression, anxiety, and the use of many negative coping mechanisms. To say this would be detrimental to our health would be a major understatement.


Not only does getting pampered help to reduce stress, but it also helps elevate self-esteem. There’s just something about a new haircut or freshly polished set of nails that helps raise our levels of confidence. Taking the time to provide a conscious effort to improve a client’s appearance will have an enormous impact on the way he or she feels.


For cosmetologists, there is a very rewarding satisfaction that comes with helping people feel better about themselves. It’s very comforting and accomplishing knowing you helped other people make a positive transformation. This enhances self-esteem on the professional side, which helps cosmetologists grow into more competent care providers.