Subjects for a Cosmetology License

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While beauty school is very much about expressing your creativity and getting hands-on experience in a variety of cosmetology programs, it’s also about taking beauty school classes. As a cosmetology student, you’ll cover a wide range of topics during cosmetology school to help prepare you for your state board license. Learning how to apply makeup, cut and color hair, and perform esthetician services is just scratching the surface. You’ll be required to learn a lot more before you actually step into your career.

Here are some of the subjects you’ll study as a part of your cosmetology school requirements.

You’ll Learn Everything There is to Know About Hair

Of course, you’ll learn about hair as a cosmetology student. You won’t just be on the floor performing services, though, you’ll be learning skills and concepts both on and off the floor. Besides cuts and color, you’ll also learn how to style, perm, and relax hair. Additionally, you’ll learn the proper techniques to wash and condition hair. Not to mention, you’re learning the chemistry behind coloring hair. As a cosmetologist, you’ll need to know about different formulas, compositions, and what could potentially destroy a client’s hair. Even if science wasn’t your favorite subject, you’ll be an expert by the time you are licensed.

You’ll Learn About Makeup, Nails, and Skin Care

Cosmetology school isn’t just about hair; you’ll also learn about makeup, nails, and hair as a part of your schooling. Again, while being on the floor and applying the techniques you’ve learned is extremely important, you’ll also be taking classes to learn about these subjects. In these classes, you’ll learn things like:

  • How to apply makeup properly
  • Skin care skills
    • How to diagnose and treat various conditions
    • How to perform a variety of facials
    • Different hair removal techniques
  • How to create artificial nails and perform manicures and pedicures
  • Beauty product ingredients
  • And more!

You’ll Learn Anatomy

Believe it or not, you’ll learn a lot about the human body as a cosmetology student. You’ll learn about the way hair, skin, and nails grow. You’ll also learn what can cause irritations or problems to these areas of the body. There is a lot that can affect the outward appearance of someone’s body, and a cosmetologist needs to be an expert on all of this.

Offering the Classes You Need to be Successful

Franklin Academy is an accredited cosmetology school in TN offering hands-on experience and classroom learning to aspiring cosmetologists of all ages. Our students spend their first 300 hours in a hands-on classroom practicing at workstations while simultaneously learning the skills required to perform successfully in a salon. After their classroom training, students graduated to our onsite salon. We provide the cosmetology classes required for students to become professionals in the field. Ready to turn your passion into a career? Contact us today!