Study Tips for Taking Your State Board Exam

Board Exam

Graduates of cosmetology school are required to pass a rigorous state board exam before receiving licenses to practice in their home state. You may feel relieved to have accomplished your program of choice, but now is the time to double-down on your studies to ensure that you pass your exam with flying colors. Franklin Academy equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to conquer both your state board exam and your career. However, the post-school preparation is up to you. Here are five tips from previous cosmetology school students sure to help you succeed.

  1. If possible, continue to study with your classmates. Studying with others will provide extra motivation and accountability. Plus, you can test each other and work on the practical skills portion of the test together.
  2. Memorize the step-by-step practical portions of the test through repetition. The practical part of the test requires skills that are performed in a specific sequential order. The best way to practice this order is through repetition! Practice every day if you can.
  3. Focus on the gaps in your knowledge. It’s easy to avoid the topics that are most challenging for you, but in reality, they’re where you should be putting the most focus. Make a list of areas in which you know you struggle and commit to practice and study.
  4. Plan ahead to succeed. Set aside time in your daily schedule as designated study time. Form a study group with your friends and meet regularly. If you don’t plan to study, odds are it won’t happen.
  5. Understand how to keep your equipment, hands, and work station sterilized.  This is an important part of the exam so make sure that you understand and are proficient in the necessary steps and skills.

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