Franklin Academy is a great place to start your career in doing nails!

Manicuring Polished Nails | Franklin Academy

Becoming A Manicurist

In the fast-paced world of nail design, there’s no better time to get the education to become a professional manicurist, and if your passion is staying up to date on the latest nail trends and treating yourself to a new set of tips, manicurist school could be for you! At Franklin Academy, we are proud to offer manicurist training for those interested in learning how to become a professional nail technician. As one of the growing fields of beauty, manicuring has begun to pick up pace in becoming a leading necessary beauty component in the daily lives of many. Be part of the growing beauty segment by getting your training in manicuring and pedicuring.

Manicurist School

Taking the step into nail tech training will help you develop in a booming industry. Our three day a week program will get you the right training, whether it’s on the hands or toes, Franklin Academy will help you understand all of the techniques needed to get a career in the nail and beauty industry. Your first day at Franklin won’t be scheduled around a book. You’ll get your first hands-on experience on day one! Our classrooms offer the ability to practice with the professional tools, lotions, and polishes you’ll be using on future clients. You’ll get a full understanding of:

  • Basics of nail and skin health
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Sterilization procedures
  • Advanced nail art
  • Massage techniques

Manicurist Training In Our Salon and Spa

Coming to Franklin Academy gives you hands-on, real-world experience in how to run a salon and business. In addition to your training, you will learn the soft skills needed to grow your career:

  • Building your book of business
  • Bookkeeping
  • Appointment setting
  • Organization
  • Money handling

Our student-run salon helps our students get the hands-on training they need so they are prepared to enter the workforce. Our graduates go on to pass their state exams and successfully build their careers in the nail industry. Becoming a manicurist is hard work and takes a lot of dedication to your craft. If you have the passion, we can help you learn all the techniques you’ll need to know to become a nail technician.

Manicuring Program M100:M200 (600 Contact Hours) 25 Weeks

This course is designed to provide a program of education, which results in a student who has necessary skills to become a Licensed Manicurist in the State of Tennessee, and subsequently to enter the job market at an entry-level position.  The length of this program is approx. 6 months.

Objectives of the course schedule:

  • To develop the knowledge, and understanding of the theory of Manicuring, as well as the skill and appreciation of the practice of Manicuring.
  • To instill in the student, the desire to attain a high degree of methodical habits of performance.
  • To prepare for the State Board Examination in order to obtain a license to practice Manicuring.