Bella Lash will help you build your book of business to give you reoccurring revenue.

Bella Lash Eye Lash Extensions | Franklin Academy

Get Bella Lash Certified

Franklin Academy has partnered with Bella Lash to offer an exclusive, hands-on training course for one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry – eyelash extensions. After spending hundreds of hours researching, testing, and refining the best training curriculum, Bella Lash and Franklin Academy offer estheticians and customers beautiful lashes at an affordable price with benefits for both client and student. Bella Lash training is built into our aesthetics course and can be added to our cosmetology course at a reduced fee.

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Bella Lash Training

Franklin Academy’s Bella Lash Extension Training is a two-day intensive workshop for licensed cosmetologists and estheticians. A certified Bella Master Educator will train you on how to be a professional lash artist;

  • Lash Anatomy
  • Health and Sanitation Guidelines
  • Eyelash Application
  • Aftercare Practices

After your course, you will be equipped to go back to your salon and get started as a Bella Lash consultant! To get fully certified you will need to submit four examples of your work on live models, for certification and approval. Once you’ve passed your certification, you can order supplies straight from Bella Lash.

Bella Lash Course Details

  • Length – 2 days
  • Cost – $1,200, kit included
  • Kit – Provides materials for 10 applications
  • Requirements – Must be a certified aesthetician or cosmetologist or enrolled in a Franklin Academy program

Bella Lash Benefits for Estheticians

We’ve partnered with Bella Lash because of the added benefits Bella Lash offers our current students and professionals. Lash extensions have grown to become one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry and have spread quickly throughout the country. Because Bella Lash offers a wide range of lashes in material, color, and options, the possibilities are endless for your clients. The lifecycle of a lash extension provides repeat clientele unlike any other business in the beauty industry. The average client needs to return every 3-weeks for a fill and retouch, helping you build your book of business!

  • Things You’ll Learn:
    • The application process with advanced lash styles
    • Lash mapping, nebulizer, sanitation, and hygiene
    • Lash aftercare, fill procedure, and lash removal
  • Getting Certified:
    • Apply lash extensions to 4 nonpaying models, after the 2-day course
    • Take pictures and send to Bella Lash
    • Use provided 10 applications workshop kit to get you started
    • Order more supplies to start your business