On-Trend Winter Hair Colors—How to Prepare for Color Now

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One of the most fun parts of the changing seasons isn’t just the new styles you can wear, but also the different hair colors and styles you can play with. Are you someone who loves to change up your style come fall and winter, but unsure of just what to do this year? Read on for the most popular trends of this coming season.

Most Popular Winter Hair Trends – 2019

It may still be summertime, but if you want to achieve the perfect winter hair color, it’s best to plan early to avoid damaging your hair. Sometimes, if you wait too long, the color you want may not be achievable. When the winter months get closer, do you think you’ll have the sudden urge to make a change to your hair? Here are the most popular color trends for the upcoming winter season and how to prepare now if you want them.

Blonde Hair Colors for Winter

Blonde hair is achievable in the winter, but only with proper planning early on. You won’t want to bleach your hair in the winter when you may already be suffering from dry, flaky scalp. Going platinum will only damage your hair more. However, with the proper planning, you can go to your stylist several times to achieve the color you want. And by starting in the summer or early fall, you will damage your hair much less. Several shades of blonde will be trending this winter, and your stylist can help you determine which one may be best for you.

Icy Blonde

This hair color will give you all the Elsa vibes. Ice blonde hair is pretty much the coolest shade of blonde you can get. It’s no wonder icy blonde is one of the coolest hair colors you can have right now. To maintain this color, you’ll need a purple shampoo to ensure the color doesn’t pull. Not using a purple shampoo can result in hair turning brassy and yellow. To achieve this color, it’s smart to start coloring earlier in the summer and throughout the fall. Depending on how dark your hair is to start, it may take a few salon visits to achieve this color.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is a shade of blonde that is slightly more gray tinted than icy blonde but still has cool undertones. This hair color is perfect for this time of year because it still has that icy feel, but it’s unique enough if you want to make a big change. Again, with this type of blonde, you’ll want to start your services early and visit the salon a few times to avoid damaging your hair come wintertime.

Honey Blonde

The warm tones in a honey blonde color add life and energy to your hair during the gloomy winter days. If you’re looking for something warmer like this, ask for cinnamon, caramel, or honey blonde hues during your visit to the salon in the fall.

Golden Blonde With Silver Streaks

If you’re interested in warmer hues but also want some cooler tones, consider brightening your hair with hints of silver and an all-over shade of light golden blonde. This color has the wow-factor that you are looking for and is sure to impress.

Brown Hair Colors for Winter

If your hair needs a break from bleaching or if you’re just a natural brunette, consider a new brown tone for winter. Brown hair colors are great in the fall as well, so you can start coloring early in the fall and deal with very little upkeep during the winter.

Dark Browns

Who doesn’t love dark chocolate? Let this be your next inspiration for the perfect brown hair color. Dark brown is perfect not only for fall but throughout the winter months as well. Balayage or ombre might even look good. Consult with your stylist to decide which option is best for you.

Chestnut Brown

Are you interested in red hair and brown hair? Chestnut brown offers a combination of both. This warm, reddish-brown color can be light, medium, or dark, depending on your preference. Add warmth and shine to your hair during the cold months ahead with chestnut brown hair.

Make Sure Your Winter Hair Color is Perfect

As one can see, proper hair care early on can result in a fabulous fall and winter color. Licensed cosmetologists are trained in the proper techniques to help you achieve any color you want for the upcoming winter months. Plus, they can recommend take-home products that will help you maintain your color and healthy hair throughout the seasons.

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