How to Effectively Treat Damaged Hair

How To Treat Damaged Hair | Franklin Academy

Today, there are so many fun ways to style your hair. You can use a curling iron to add beach waves, straighten it, or even do up-dos with braids while incorporating other fun elements. But be warned, if you’re not careful all of that styling can come at a cost. Over-styling using heat products, coloring too often, or just being rough on your hair while brushing it can cause your strands to become seriously damaged. 

In the beauty world, there are a few things worse than damaged hair. Watching your hair become dry, dull, and unmanageable is no fun. There are several different things that can cause your hair to become damaged. If your hair is breaking off and becoming more and more dry by the day, here is how you can treat your damaged hair.

Simple Hair Care Tips

First and foremost, if you have damaged hair, it is critical that you take very good care of it. Hair damage will only get worse if you continue to be harsh on your hair. If you want to repair damaged hair, you should definitely follow a few guidelines, including:

  • Lower the temperature on heat tools and use them as little as possible; let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer
  • Switch out your shampoo and conditioner to something with no damaging ingredients
  • Handle wet hair with care and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle
  • Use rich, healing hair masks to restore your hair’s health
  • Embrace leave-in conditioners; these products offer protection for hair
  • Get professional treatments that will help with your specific concerns

How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

While there are many reasons your hair could be damaged, including overuse of styling tools, dry and hot climates, and excessive washing, chemically altering your hair is one of the most common reasons for damage. 

How to Fix Damaged, Bleached Hair

If you need to repair severely chemically damaged hair from bleaching, it might be best to visit a salon professional. Trying to go from dark to light too fast can seriously damage your hair, and it’s because of bleach. Bleach is used to remove your natural hair color from each strand; and to do this, it makes your hair swell so it can reach the inner part of each strand. This process can leave hair dry, brittle, and fragile. The permanent changes in your hair structure can also make it less strong. Simple yet effective home remedies include:

  • Eggs for a natural shine
  • Almond oil to help soften and strengthen your hair
  • Olive oil to protect your hair from any more damage
  • Coconut oil to help your hair grow longer and thicker
  • Rice water to repair hair from the inside out (research shows it helps)

While home remedies can help, salon treatments also prove very effective for bleached and damaged hair of all types.

Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair—Salon Treatments

While home remedies are great, salon experts truly know what repair treatments will help your hair most. Whether your hair is damaged from heated styling or over-coloring, these experts can look at your hair to determine exactly what the problem is and how it needs to be addressed. The following are some of the top hair treatments used at salons for damaged hair:

Keratin Treatments

Also known as a Brazilian blowout, keratin treatments coat the surface of your hair with keratin protein and leave your hair silky, strong, and more manageable. After this treatment, your frizzy, damaged, dry hair will become smoother for a period of about two to four months.

Scalp Treatments

A healthy scalp is essential if you want healthy hair. Scalp treatments don’t just treat dry, itchy scalp, they can also improve hair growth. 

Moisture Treatments

A moisture treatment offers deep conditioning and can fix common hair problems like lack of shine and split ends. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is a popular repairing treatment that is sometimes massaged into hair during this service.

There are so many more treatments for damaged hair, just ask your stylist for their recommendation.

Achieve Healthy Hair in No Time With the Help of Franklin Academy

If your hair feels dry, unhealthy, and brittle, don’t worry! Salon treatments can help. Franklin Academy’s beauty professionals specialize in learning about techniques to help various hair concerns. No matter how damaged your hair may be, we have a solution to help. Our passionate beauty experts will even give you advice on what you can do at home to make your hair stronger and healthier. Or, if you’re interested in learning about these techniques yourself, why not look into our cosmetology program? If you’d like more information or are interested in scheduling an appointment for a service, contact us today.