How to Start Up Your Own Mobile Nail Salon

Opening A Mobile Nail Salon | Franklin Academy

Are you thinking of starting your own mobile Nail salon but are unsure how to go about it? Was one of the reasons you pursued your Nail Technician license for the ability to begin your own Manicuring business? Here is a step-by-step guide in starting your own mobile nail salon or brick and mortar nail salon.

Mobile Nail Salon

You may choose to start your own mobile nail salon to lower costs of business, in order to better control your time or you just see the need for it in your area.

Step 1: Get licensed! Seems like a given but this part is crucial due to the education and experience received. Many Nail Technician programs actually cover a small course on how to begin your own business. If you live in the Tennessee area you should look into our Nail Technician program, which covers this specific topic.

Step 2: Supply. One of the disadvantages of having a mobile nail salon is the responsibility of having all the necessary tools you need. Make sure to have an ample selection of polishes and sanitary tools. A client should feel like using a mobile service is an advantage not a disadvantage. Think of a clever and catchy name; create business cards and use various promoting platforms.

Step 3: Find an opportunity. Will there be any upcoming women’s events in your area? These events could be a women’s conference, fashion shows, beauty pageants, etc. Offer your services in order to begin a clientele network and receive exposure.

Step 4: Use social media. Social media is the cheapest and best way to expose your talent. Take pictures of your work and special promotions. Use Instagram to showcase your different designs, Facebook is also a great tool to share your promotions and/or specials. Create your own website in order to publicize your basic information. Having a website gives you more credibility.

Step 5: Promote occasions like nail parties and house calls. Think of different directions to take your business to. Work for in-store retail events? Be the go-to Nail person for a bachelorette party? Find unique and creative ways to offer your service and promote it.

If you are looking for an economic venture after receiving your license and certification as a Nail Technician this is the way to go. Allowing you to begin your career with little capital and flexibility is one of the perks of this career path. If you live in the area of Tennessee and have yet to receive your license, check out our program at Franklin Academy we cover this topic and many more. Contact us today at 888-660-6442.