How to Do Your Manicure at Home

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The secret to getting salon quality nails at home? Practice! The more you do your nails yourself, the better they’ll look in between salon visits. It always looks so easy when your nail technician paints your nails. With the new series, “Claws,”  many have been starting to dive deeper into the world of nail design. It isn’t as easy as it looks. From the professionals at Franklin Academy to the DIY nail art aficionados at home, we’ll help everyone get the perfect nails at home, so you can extend your manicure even further. Start the process of learning how to do your own manicure at home by reading some of our tips on the best ways to get salon quality nails at home.


Tip #1: Prepping the nail bed is 95% of the process.

While others may just see the bright color coral, you picked out, the best start to how to do a nail spa at home is preparing your nail for the polish color. Soak your fingers in warm water to soften your cuticles then use an orange wood stick (a tapered wood cuticle pusher) to push your cuticles gently down. If you have unruly cuticles add a drop of apricot oil or coconut oil for a good smelling way to soften your skin.


Tip #2: Find the right nail shape.

Almond shape nails, stiletto nails, or coffin shape nails are all the rage but finding a natural nail that can hold that shape is like finding a unicorn. Nails are hardened keratin (the stuff you find in shampoo to strengthen your hair), and as they grow, they can create their own sharp corners. The classic round shape is less likely to break because there are no sharp edges or corners. When you use a nail file at home, focus on filing in one direction to achieve a smooth, round shape to avoid breaking.


Tip #3: Acetone is your new best friend.

Acetone can be very harmful in large amounts. It’s a very drying liquid that is a main ingredient in nail polish remover, but when used properly, acetone can take your nail game to a whole other level. Swiping a cotton pad with acetone on your nail before you apply a base coat takes all of the oils off your nail so the base coat can adhere properly. Keep your acetone close by because it’ll come in handy again.


Tip #4: Patience.

Once your base coat is dry, grab your color and get to work! Slow, steady strokes will help the color even itself out across your nails to avoid streaks. Start in the middle of your nail and paint a coat of polish to the tip. Do the same on the left and right of the center stripe. You should be able to cover your nail in three swipes of polish easily. Don’t worry if your entire nail isn’t covered or if the color seems light — a second coat will take care of it.


Tip #5: Grab your new best friend again.

Remember the acetone you set aside? After two coats of nail polish, it will help clean up any mistakes you made. Using a short, blunt makeup brush, dip the brush in the acetone and use it to clean up the edges of your color nail polish. This helps get rid of the wavy line along your cuticle and any leftover polish on your skin. Remember that using acetone is drying so after you apply a top coat and your nails dry, re-apply some cuticle cream as your final step.


Tip #6: Start with the basics.

If you want to do some nail art, start slow and work your way up to complex. The easiest trick of DIY nail art ideas is polka dots. By using a dotting tool, you can easily add dots to your dry colored nails for a pop of interest. Make sure that after your nail art designs are dry to add an additional top coat to protect your works of art.


Tip #7: Find a trustworthy nail salon.

Yes, doing your nails at home is a great way to save money but there are specific events like birthdays, weddings, prom, and dates that should be left to the professionals. Knowing you are going to be stressed, and in a dress you aren’t used to, doesn’t give you much time to get your nails looking perfect. For significant events like that, trust Franklin Academy to help you out in a pinch.


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