How to Build Your Clientele as a Hairstylist

woman holding a portfolio containing clients

If you are a soon-to-be cosmetology school graduate, building clientele is probably one of your biggest concerns right now. Besides friends and family, who else do you know who will make appointments with you? As a professional in the beauty industry, it’s important that you learn early on how to build your clientele as a hairstylist.

Attention Soon-to-Be Hairstylists—Clientele Building Tips

As a hairstylist, your book of business is your entire livelihood. Sure, you might get a few random appointments and walk-in’s here and there, but your clientele are the people who will continue coming to you no matter what salon you work at. There is a lot of work that goes into building your client base and client retention as a hairstylist. Here are a few tips to help you when you start to build your book of business.

Work on Skill Execution and Customer Service

Whether you are still a student or already working in the field, it’s important that you are constantly taking on new challenges and enhancing your skills as a hairstylist. If you are well-rounded and offer excellent customer service during your appointments, just about anyone can go to you whether they need highlights, a haircut, or a formal occasion hair style. Working on your skill execution will help you to build your clientele as a hairstylist.

Take Advantage of Social Media

As a student, social media is one of the easiest ways you can build your book of business early. Students have the opportunity to work on clients during their time in school while they are under supervision. When you are finished on a client and proud of the work you did, whether it be a style, color, or cut, post a picture on social media! Tell your friends and family to share it. Gaining as many followers as possible and showcasing your work is an easy and fast way to get the word out about your services, and you’ll have new potential clients interested in your services before you know it.

Build Your Brand as a Hairstylist

Like many other products and services that consumers buy, you are more likely to attract new clientele if you have your own brand. What is it that you are good at? Do you specialize in blondes? Maybe you are great at color correction? Are you the best stylist when it comes to trendy, edgy cuts? Whatever it may be, make that your brand, and make sure people know you are the go-to stylist for that type of service! Also, creating business cards can help boost brand awareness. Hand these out to your clients, they’ll give them to their friends and family, and it will help you get more clients.

Practice Professionalism

It is important to practice professionalism when working on clients. You are providing a service to your clientele, and you should treat them as what they are—paying customers who care about their new looks. To throw out a few general tips, clients typically won’t return to you if they notice the following during the appointment:

  • Talking about yourself too much or talking to other stylists
  • Don’t like the result of the service
  • Smelling smoke
  • Bad attitude
  • Dirty workstation
  • Poor hygiene
  • Bad breath
  • Negativity
  • Gossip

Make sure you are respectful to clients and listen to their needs so that you don’t run into these issues.

Sell Your Clients on Professional Products

Clients love when you recommend professional products to them. If a client is expressing a hair concern to you, or you notice something while working on them, recommend a product that might be good for them to use. This will give you a professional appeal, and the client will likely love their new product, too!

Build Your Skills and Your Book of Business With Franklin Academy

Bottom line, if you want more clientele in the salon business, you should focus on having a friendly and helpful attitude. Build relationships with your clients and make them want to come back to you. At Franklin Academy, we teach you these skills and all of the skills necessary to become a talented, professional cosmetologist. Kickstart your career in the hair and beauty industry. If you are interested in applying to one of our programs, feel free to contact us today.