Halloween Makeup Looks You Need to Try in 2018


Halloween brings out the creative side in all of us—brainstorming costume ideas, finding the perfect outfit, it’s all so much fun. If you decide to go all out with your costume, why not go all out with your makeup, too? The power of makeup allows you to add an even bigger creative aspect to your outfit. Here are some fun Halloween makeup ideas to try out this October.

Cat Makeup

A cat may be an easy Halloween costume to throw together, but don’t let the haters call you basic. A black cat may only require black clothing and some ears, but you can also get creative with your makeup. This easy cat makeup doesn’t take much time, but it still looks fierce. To achieve the perfect cat eye makeup, apply your regular face makeup and then apply a smoky eye. Then, apply dark black eyeliner and mascara. Finish with black matte lipstick and use your eyeliner to paint on your cat nose and whiskers. With the right makeup application and attention to detail, your Halloween cat costume will turn out purrr-fect!

 What You Need to Achieve the Look:

  • Urban Decay Smoky Palette
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Black Mascara
  • MAC Black Lipstick


Mermaid | Franklin AcademyMermaid Makeup

Your childhood dreams of being a mermaid can finally come true with the help of makeup scales, seashells, and a little bit of bedazzling. Mermaid makeup is super fun and easy to achieve. All you have to do is place fishnet pantyhose or a fishnet wig cap over your head and apply scales using a sponge and a cream eyeshadow. Use a silver cream shadow to highlight the colored shadow (blues, greens, and purples). Use the same cream eyeshadow that you used for your scales on your eyes, both on your lid and on your undereye. Use any bright color for your lipstick. If you wish to go all out, you can even add glitter, rhinestones, and seashells to your face using skin-safe glue.

What You Need to Achieve the Look:

  • Fishnet Pantyhose or Fishnet Wig Cap
  • Cream Eyeshadow (Blue, Purple, Teal)
  • Rhinestones, Glitter, and Seashells
  • Bright Colored Lipstick of Your Choice


Optical Illusion Opticalillusion | Franklin Academy

Simple makeup with a scary twist is a fun option if you want that shocking, spooky factor for your costume this year. Simply apply your regular makeup and then break a pencil in half. Use liquid latex to stick the ends on opposite sides of your nose so that it looks like the pencil is going through. Using fake blood (stage blood) to cover up the liquid latex and create a realistic looking scab.

What You Need to Achieve the Look:

  • A Pencil
  • Liquid Latex
  • Stage Blood


Pop Art

Popart | Franklin Academy

Pop art is a fun and easy way to show your creativity. If you love makeup, this is the costume for you! Start by applying your regular makeup. Then, outline your whole face with black liquid eyeliner. Also, use eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes (make it more thick and dramatic than you usually would). Run the liquid liner on your upper and lower lip as well. Use red face paint to apply dots on a portion of your face or all over. Use white face paint on the inner and outer corner of your eyes. Use the blue face paint to create a teardrop. Finish with false lashes and red lipstick.

 What You Need to Achieve the Look:

  • Red Face Paint or Body Paint
  • Blue Face Paint
  • White Face Paint
  • Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • False Lashes
  • Red Lipstick


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