Fall in Love with These Fall Hair Trends

Popular thin-haired style

Fall is right around the corner, and that means new hair trends. Everything from colors to cuts to styling, the start of a new season means people want a change. Franklin Academy is breaking down all of the hottest and trendiest styles for the upcoming fall season. Here are some of the top fall 2018 hair trends that you’ll definitely want to try.


Fall Hair Color Trends

Many people tend to have lighter hair in the summertime due to increased time in the sun. The end of summer and the beginning of fall means less time in the sun, which is why many tend to go darker in the fall. Whether you are a natural blonde, brunette, or redhead, there is a color trend perfect for your hair for the upcoming fall season.

Hair1 | Franklin AcademySandy Beige Balayage For Blondes

Let’s be honest; balayage is still all the rage. It was a fall 2017 hair trend, and it has remained a favorite style since then. It’s beautiful on anyone and requires extremely low maintenance since the roots are darker, and highlights become broader and brighter at the ends. A sandy blonde version of it mixes golden tones starting with tanned blonde at the roots and some bright shades of golden blonde. This color would be the perfect hair change for any blonde to make this fall.




Dark Colors & Dimension for Brunettes Hair2 | Franklin Academy

Going darker to achieve a rich, warm shade is a popular option for brunettes in the fall. Even brunettes experience naturally lighter hair in the summertime due to increased time in the sun. It’s also a popular option for brunettes to go jet black for the fall and winter season. If you’re not wanting all over darker color, try adding some dimension with a lighter shade and ask for balayage, ombre, or babylights.


Hair3 | Franklin Academy
Strawberry Blonde & Copper Tones For Redheads

Red and auburn shades are trendy in the fall for just about anyone, but there are options for natural redheads as well. If you’re going for a more strawberry blonde look, ask for buttery highlights to add some depth. On the other hand, if you’re into deeper, brighter reds, bright copper tones are a vibrant and bold option. This color draws attention to the eyes and works particularly well against warm skin tones.


Best Fall Hairstyles

Hair color isn’t the only change people will be making to their hair this fall. New hair trends also mean new styles and cuts. If you’re thinking about chopping some of your hair off this fall or trying out a new style, here are the top fall hairstyles for 2018:

No-Fuss Bob Hair5 | Franklin Academy

The no-fuss bob is a top hairstyle that will be taking over salons this year. This bob is minimal with layers, easy with natural texture, and laidback. Some will bring the bob all the way up to the ears, but chin length is the most popular way to wear it. The no-fuss bob works super well for those with fine hair and is a simple style that lets you wash and go.

Hair6 | Franklin AcademyLong With Layers

If you’re looking to keep your length for fall, celebrity hairstylists recommend cutting long layers with some pieces shorter around the face. Adding layers to your existing length is an easy yet dramatic way to transform your current style. Long layers can take the weight out of thick hair and ensure that your ends look full no matter what.




Low Maintenance Bangs Hair7 | Franklin Academy

Shaggy bangs are a huge trend this fall due to their cool-girl feel and low maintenance. If you want a less blunt look, go for a more wispy part in the center. 





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