Exciting Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2016

Halloween 2016 | Franklin Academy

Halloween is a very special holiday and those who celebrate it get to enjoy the dressing up as much as the event itself. Choosing the right costume for your character, whether it’s a vampire, a zombie, or a fairy princess, adds realism and helps you fit right into the celebrations.

But if you take Halloween a bit more seriously, then you would want the proper makeup to match. Applying makeup in detail to create a remarkable and realistic picture takes some talent. Sometimes, when the makeup is applied so skillfully, you won’t need an over-the-top costume to bolster your appearance.

Makeup to Enhance Your Halloween Look

You don’t have to be a master in special affects makeup to terrify or dazzle your family and friends for Halloween. Add inspiration to your makeup by using these cosmetic ideas to highlight your features for a more dramatic and detailed look.

  • Deeper, daring eye shadow colors to intensify your image like that of a sad clown.
  • Darker lipstick shades help with a striking appearance as a vampire personality.
  • Line your lips with black pencil, or for a more cartoonish look, draw a white pencil line on your bottom lip.
  • Bold, black, liquid eyeliner can create a distinctive look, especially for the cat/leopard costume.
  • Use false eyelashes to help make your eyes pop.
  • Apply different shades of foundation to enhance a particular look, highlighting certain areas of your face.

Celebrate Halloween with a Bang

The ghoulish zombie has certainly been a popular go-to costume recently, so here are a few simple guidelines to help create the perfect undead look:

  • Remove all makeup and cleanse your face thoroughly.
  • Use a sponge to apply either white face paint or theater makeup.
  • Dark circles can be created around the eyes by using black eye shadow.
  • Zombies look decayed and bruised, so the next step is to create a sunken cheek which can be done by blending paint and powder to highlight your cheeks.
  • Create dried looking lips by using black lipstick and black lip liner.
  • Use a sponge to create the appearance of scratches over the face
  • Fine lines can be drawn using a paint brush, which creates a popping vein affect
  • Finally, apply fake blood to your hair and face. Spatter it across your face using a toothbrush.

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