Cute Back to School Makeup


Cute Back to School Makeup Tips & Ideas

It’s that time of year again―time to head back to school! While you may be dreading trading in pool days for days in the classroom, you have to look at the bright side of things. At least you can wear makeup again and show off your skills. Since summertime is usually a time of wearing little to no makeup, you may be puzzled about where to start.

First off, there are a few simple tips that you should always keep in mind.

  • Go For a More Natural Look. In the summertime, you face had a chance to breathe, and you usually achieve a bit of a suntan; therefore, there is no need to cake on the makeup. Chances are, your complexion is already looking pretty good, and you don’t want to ruin that by putting too much product on your face.
  • Use Products Best Suited For Your Skin Tone & Eyes. Even if you have fair skin or a darker complexion all year round, it is important to wear products appropriate for your skin tone.
  • Try the Look Before Going Back to School. It’s smart to wear makeup the last few days of summer to make sure you’ve got the techniques down. Even if you regularly wore makeup in previous years, you don’t want to wake up the first day of school and have to re-do your makeup several times. Make sure you know how to apply the products that you plan on wearing.


Makeup1 | Franklin AcademyEasy Back-to-School Makeup Routine: Natural Look

If you got a nice glow this summer from laying out at the pool, a natural makeup look is perfect for back to school. Even if you didn’t get a tan, a natural look is always a safe bet for school. School isn’t the right place to try anything too crazy; therefore, we recommend a natural look for the school year. Here is a simple step-by-step guide you can follow for makeup application:


Step 1: Primer or Moisturizer

A primer or a gentle moisturizer is a critical step in any makeup routine. These products make your foundation go on smoother, protect makeup from seeping deep into your pores, and they make your makeup stay on longer. As a bonus, many primers and moisturizers are now infused with SPF, so they protect your skin while providing you with a flawless finish.


Step 2: Foundation

Foundation is an essential part of any makeup routine in order to even out complexion. It’s easy to find light foundations that don’t look too cakey on the skin so that you can achieve that natural look. You can apply your foundation with a beauty blender to ensure even coverage.


Step 3: Concealer

Concealer is applied under the eyes and sometimes in the t-zone to brighten and highlight specific areas of the face. For back-to-school, concealer may be necessary for under the eyes. You’ll likely be tired having to wake up for class, and concealer can help hide dark circles and wrinkles.


Makeup2 | Franklin AcademyStep 4: Eyeshadow

The next step is eyeshadow. If you’re going for a more natural look, a palette with brown and gold undertones is a safe bet. Plus, these colors look great with a summer glow. Apply a shimmer shade all over lid, a nude color on the brow bone, and a dark color in the crease. This has plenty of warm, neutral shades making it perfect for back to school.


Step 5: Mascara

For a natural look, it’s okay to skip out on eyeliner. But you always want those full lashes. There are plenty of great drugstore brands that offer full, voluminous lashes with each application. When applying mascara, make sure you are angling the brush-up and outward towards the outside of your face. This makes your eyes look more open and appear bigger.

Step 6: Blush or Bronzer

This step is optional, but a nice blush color does give you rosy cheeks and makes you look a little bit sunkissed. Pick a dark brown or pink color, nothing too bright that will look harsh. Apply the blush gently with fluffy, round brush.

Step 7: Lipgloss

A light nude or light pink lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch on this natural makeup look. NYX Cosmetics is an inexpensive drugstore brand with a variety of shade to choose from.


Master the Art of Makeup with Franklin Academy

We hope that you learned some cute back to school makeup ideas and took away some valuable tips; however, learning how to do makeup doesn’t have to end there. Franklin Academy has several affordable, effective programs to train aspiring beauticians in the aesthetics. Aesthetics includes not only makeup application but also facials, skincare, exfoliation, and more.

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