Cosmetology School: Everything You Need to Know

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What is cosmetology?

Are you considering enrolling in cosmetology school? Have you always been creative and interested in all things beauty? Cosmetology school is a great way to take your love for beauty to the next level; but, you should be well-informed before making such a big career decision. Here is everything you need to know about cosmetology school.

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. A career path in cosmetology encompasses a variety of different client-based services, some of which include the following:

  • Hairstyling
  • Skin Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Waxing

Cosmetologists are trained and licensed to perform cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails. This can be expanded to include cutting and chemically treating hair, skin care, skin and hair analysis, expert makeup applications, and more. Cosmetologists need to be experts on a variety of techniques, how to use cosmetology tools, and they also need to keep up with trends.

Why is cosmetology school important?

Just like with any dream career, getting the right education is usually an important first step. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every state requires that a cosmetologist takes and passes state boards to become licensed to practice cosmetology in the state. If you don’t attend an accredited beauty school, you can’t work in the field.

What does the curriculum look like?

Most schools have a variety of programs available from aesthetics to general cosmetology to manicuring. Usually, schools will also offer classroom-based learning, and you’ll also have the opportunity to perform services in the school’s on-site salon. You will be finished with beauty school classes when you have completed the required number of hours or weeks for your school. School’s typically require anywhere from 40 to 60 weeks for all students. During this time, students will spend a dedicated amount of hours either in the classroom setting or on the floor performing services.

How much does cosmetology school cost?

No matter what your situation may be, there is a way for everyone to afford cosmetology school. Between application fees, tuition costs, student kits/books, and graduation fees, the total cost of cosmetology school is typically upwards of $10,000. When you look at traditional universities, this is what one year of school may cost you, so cosmetology school is actually stretching your dollar pretty far. Not only that, but most schools offer financial aid and scholarships to help you pay your way.

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