Cosmetology School Coursework and Program Lengths

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Becoming a cosmetology student is an investment. It’s an investment in yourself and in the cosmetology program you enter. You’ll want to know what you’ll be doing in the program and how long it will take to complete before you apply and fill out financial aid forms. At Franklin Academy, we offer the coursework and program lengths outlined below.

Classroom Work at Franklin Academy


When you enroll in our 60-week cosmetology program, you will train in our hands-on classroom. During this time, you will practice cutting, coloring, shampooing, styling, perms, manicures, pedicures, and other techniques. We provide human-sized mannequin heads for you to practice your hairstyling and cutting skills during this period. After you have gained 300 hours of classroom practice, you will move to our student-run salon and spa, where you will practice on clients. Our salon and spa is equipped with the following:

  • 26 hair stations
  • 5 spa facial tables
  • 2 practical rooms
  • 2 manicure/pedicure chairs
  • 4 makeup stations

By practicing in our student-run spa, you gain useful experience in the cosmetology arts that you can list on a resume for future employers. You’ll also hone your hair coloring, cutting, and styling skills, along with your manicure and pedicure skills and your customer service skills.


In our 30-week aesthetics program, you learn to perform skin care treatments and techniques. During the first 10 weeks, you’ll study the science of the skin and its relationship to the body, learn proper skin care techniques, and practice those techniques on your fellow students. 

During the second 10 weeks, you will perform skin care treatments on clients in the student-run salon and spa, learn how to run a spa, and complete Bella Lash certification. In the final 10 weeks, you will learn how to build your book of business, practice Celluma Light Therapy, and learn how to sell retail products in a spa environment.

Program Lengths and Class Schedules

As stated above, our cosmetology program is 60 weeks long, and our aesthetics program is 30 weeks long. Cosmetology and aesthetics students attend classes three days per week. Students in both programs attend beauty school two week days throughout the program and transition from attending on Fridays to Saturdays two-thirds of the way through each program.

Begin Your Cosmetology or Aesthetics Career With Us

At Franklin Academy, you’ll perform your aesthetics or cosmetology coursework in a hands-on learning environment where you can learn and practice proper hair, skin, and nail care. After you’ve completed this training, you’ll be ready to pass the state board exam. Then you’ll be a licensed cosmetologist with plenty of career opportunities ahead of you. If you’re ready to launch a career in the beauty industry, contact us today.