Cosmetology Program Overview

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Our full cosmetology diploma program will give you the training you need to succeed in the beauty industry.

Cosmetology Schools in the Chattanooga, TN, Area

Looking for a career that allows you to embrace your creative side, make connections, and earn a good wage? As one of the premier cosmetology schools in Chattanooga, TN, Franklin Academy will give you the cosmetology tools you need to succeed in a career in the beauty industry. Our students have gone on to work in upscale salons or start their own businesses with the help of our hands-on training and student-run spa experience. Franklin Academy offers a 60-week program that will train you in the techniques you’ll need to pass the state exam and earn your cosmetology license.

Training and Preparation

Your first 300 hours of training will take place in our hands-on classroom. Unlike other schools, our learning environment isn’t a lecture hall or filled with books; instead, you’ll get valuable hands-on experience at one of our workstations. You’ll use your workstation to practice on mannequins, learn the fundamentals of running a salon, and work one-on-one with our experienced instructors—beauty professionals who have been in the industry for years and come from all over the country to teach our students. The world of hairstyling is always evolving. Having access to our experienced instructors provides valuable insight to:

And More!

By fulfilling your training, we will help you prepare for the state practical and written exams by giving you a practice exam in a setting you are familiar with—our student-run salon and spa.

Chattanooga Cosmetology School

After your classroom training, you’ll graduate to our onsite salon. The state requires a 1:20 teacher-to-student ratio, but we are proud to go above and beyond with a 1:10 teacher-to-student ratio! Someone will always be available to answer any questions you have as you learn to work in a real salon and use your skills with customers. We’ll help you learn how to work with clients, book appointments, ensure clients’ return, sell retail products, and develop the professionalism that will make you valuable to any employer.

Professionalism Scholarship

Cosmetology Diploma Program C100:C200 (1,500 contact hours) 60 weeks

This course is designed to allow a student who has the necessary skills to become a Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Tennessee, and enter the job market in an entry-level position. The length of this program is approximately 60 weeks.

Objectives of the program include:

  • To develop the knowledge and understanding of the theory of Cosmetology, as well as the skills and appreciation of the practice of Cosmetology.
  • To develop safe and sanitary habits on the job, and to recognize the importance of these habits in the interest of self and others.
  • To learn the necessary care of, and proper use of, supplies and equipment related to applying cosmetic treatments.
  • To prepare the student for the State Board Examination and obtain a license to practice Cosmetology.

First 300 Hours:
State exam content = practical and written exams
Use of mannequins for cut, color and style techniques
Fundamentals of working in a salon

Next 1,200 Hours:
Working in the salon after an hour of classroom activities at the beginning of the day
Focusing on furthering skills and content (how to sell retail items and book clients)
Working on skill sets and techniques
Learning from stylists from around the country

Learning Different Metrics:
Manicure/Pedicure training
All facets of hair color, cut, shampoo/blowout
Linking to multiple color lines and how to use color for different brands

If you’ve always wanted to work as a hair stylist or nail technician and you’re looking to continue your education, contact us today. Financial aid is available to help you pay for your beauty school education. That way, you can focus on learning the skills that will open up brand-new career opportunities for you. Cosmetology careers have many great benefits, and we want to help you discover what they are.