Cosmetology in your Future

Cosmetology | Franklin Academy

The joys of being a licensed cosmetologist are infinite to those who have a passion for the industry. From the opportunity of being paid to do makeup and styling to the feeling that you are re-creating people one body at a time. It is more than playing in makeup and styling, it is art… it is making people feel their inner beauty manifest into fierceness.  What could be better than doing something that you enjoy?  You have to work, why not enjoy every minute!

Licensed cosmetologists are increasingly in demand! “The demand for cosmetologists is expected to grow by 20% between 2008 and 2018. This growth is expected to be the result of an increasing population, which will in turn lead to greater demand for the services of cosmetologists.”[1] Maybe you are looking for your share of the booming beauty industry, perhaps you are interested in having a skill that is needed everywhere! As a licensed cosmetologist, you will be able to create your own future. You may choose to align your talents with a salon or day spa. There are opportunities in department stores. Licensed cosmetologists are needed for magazines, videos and film makeup.  Unlike some careers that can be replaced by outsourcing, licensed cosmetologists need to be local. This local need means that stylists are needed on site for theatre productions and fashion shows. The need for cosmetologists is real; you can use the skills from Franklin Academy to start your career in cosmetology.

Located in Cleveland Tennessee, Franklin Academy provides a well-rounded education in the fundamentals of cosmetology needed to attain an entry level position within the “$382 billion global beauty business”.[2]  With your cosmetology license, you will have the certification to manage or run your own salon. Franklin Academy has designed the program to provide you with the confidence that will be essential to your success in your new career. Upon the completion of the cosmetology program at Franklin Academy, students will have the tools and necessary skills to become a Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Tennessee. The future is bright as a licensed cosmetologist. Using your skills to hone your talent, opportunities are endless. Start your fruitful career helping people become their best self!