Change Up Your Look for Fall: Hair Colors and Trends

woman with pretty hair during fall

It’s that time of year again. Break out your booties and flannels, cozy up next to a bonfire, and go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte because fall is officially here, and the temps aren’t the only thing that’s changing. This time of year more often than not gives people the urge to change up their look, and sometimes that means a new fall hair color.

Fall is a popular time of year to make a change; the drastic switch from hot summer days to cooler fall temperatures is enough to warrant a change in your look; so why not explore your options? Besides, fall hair trends are all the rage, so trying one out may be just the thing you need to up your beauty game this coming season.

Here are some of the most popular fall hair colors and styles for the upcoming autumn season.

Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors to Try This Season

No matter what your natural hair color or skin tone looks like or what color you’d like to achieve, we’ve got an option that you’re sure to love. Check out these beautiful fall hair colors that would be perfect for you to try this fall:

Ombré Blonde

Are you a proud blonde who’s not into the idea of going darker for fall? No need to worry. There are still plenty of ways you can change your look for fall, like ombré blonde for example. This look features darker pieces at the root, light brunette as you move down, and very light, ashy blonde pieces at the ends. Ombré blonde is also perfect for those girls who just can’t seem to settle on one shade. With this look, you get a few shades all in one.

The ashy, cooler blonde tones are so on-trend right now. You’ve probably already seen them all over Pinterest and Instagram. Why not try out the look yourself? You can also ask your stylist to recommend a good purple shampoo that you can buy in your salon. Purple shampoo is used to fight brassiness and maintain cool blonde tones.

Rich Satin Brown

Thanks to the whole Kardashian–Jenner clan, this brown color continues to grow in popularity. If you want to go really dark for fall, ask your stylist for a satin color system. Satin is an exclusive color system that uses an aloe vera base to achieve very natural, healthy, beautifully pigmented hair.

Pro Tip: To keep up this rich, glossy color, visit your stylist every couple of weeks for a gloss. This will give your hair a quick refresh.

Chestnut Brown

Not trying to go too dark? Chestnut brown is the perfect go-to fall color! Chestnut brown is a brunette shade with copper undertones. To keep this color fresh and vibrant, you’ll want to make sure you stock up on sulfate-free shampoo.

Vibrant Copper Hair

The leaves don’t have to be the only thing turning red this fall. Red is always a big color trend for this time of year, and if you decide on this color, stick to copper undertones rather than burgundy. Burgundy undertones can make your hair appear more purple than red. You’re sure to turn heads with this fun fall color job!

Try These Fun Fall Styles for Women With Your New Color

In addition to changing up your color for fall, there are tons of other new beauty trends you can test out. Whether you want to try out a new cut, start styling your hair in a new way, or add some accessories, these fall styles are sure to make you feel like the trendiest chick in the neighborhood.

  • Side swept bangs
  • Headbands
  • Scrunchies
  • Statement braids (and embellishments)
  • Not-so-basic buns
  • Soft waves
  • Sleek, low ponytail

We Know the Hot New Beauty Trends

If you want to change your look for fall, you need help from an expert in the beauty industry. Our students at Franklin Academy are learning new skills every day that they can apply in their cosmetology careers. Our aspiring beauticians are always being supervised in our salon and have your needs covered. They’d love to help you achieve a new on-trend look for fall. To book an appointment or learn more about joining one of our programs, contact us today.