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It can be said that a girl’s best accessory would be her nails’. A certain style can last a month, a week or a day. No matter the length of time all girls can paint the canvas on their nails however their heart desires.

Let’s see what styles are being used the most by celebrities and how the experts at Franklin Academy tell us how it’s done.

Kylie Jenner is wearing a light pink pastel with acrylics. The experts at Franklin Academy told us that she files her nails straight with round edges. The acrylic nail is a method of elongating the nail and thus elongating the hand. On the down side, we were told Acrylics are known to heavily affect the nail bed and deteriorate nail growth.

Beyonce Nails | Franklin Academy



This is a picture by Beyoncé. Beyoncé is also using acrylics with circular ends. We were told she is using an orange red and although it looks like she might need a fill-in, this open half moon of growth is actually a trending style for fall.



Chiara Nails | Franklin Academy





Chiara Ferragni’s nails who literally used her nails as canvases. This technique we were told was done on her natural nails with a nail sticker. The sticker is put on the dry nail and then covered in several coats of clear nail polish to seal.




David Bowie Nails | Franklin Academy

These are Jesse J’s hands. Although this looks like a very groovy retro style it is actually done very similarly to a simple white and pink French style. An expert of Franklin Academy analyzed these nails and told us that they were rounded acrylics. The base of the nail is beige nude, the tip is a champagne color and the line was done with French tips stickers and a small brush dipped in black nail polish.




Lily Allen Nails | Franklin Academy




These works of art are by Lilly Allen. This nail is done on acrylics and it is a mix of hand painted artwork and glued on accessories. Most of the left hand is painted on by hand like the rose, the Chinese characters and the cherry blossom trees. While the Right hand has several items painted like the ocean scene, but the flowers and golden shells are glued on.





Left Hand | Franklin Academy   Right Hand | Franklin Academy


Celebrities are putting in extreme efforts into their nails but we all know they’re not doing them themselves. These artworks are done by professional nail technicians being innovative in their career. If you would like a career where you can be as artistically loud or classy as you want, why not check out a career as a Nail Technician? Maybe you too could end up in one of these celebrities Instagram page!