Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes by Applying Cosmetics Correctly

Makeup Mistakes | Franklin Academy

Makeup can boost your confidence tremendously, especially when applied correctly. It can emphasize certain facial features like your cheekbones and give you a bright glowing appearance. Although makeup can greatly enhance your appearance and make you look attractive, when applied incorrectly it can make you look old or haggard. Therefore great care should be taken to apply makeup correctly. We can avoid common makeup mistakes by getting the basics right.

While you may be an avid makeup enthusiast, at some point you may also have made makeup blunders that you are embarrassed about, especially since there is such a wide range of cosmetics, makeup accessories and beauty tools to make choosing the right type confusing. One of the most common makeup mistakes is choosing the wrong color foundation which can make you appear older or even from another planet.

Avoid Making The Same Mistakes

Use the following tips to help remedy your cosmetic blunders:

  • It’s easy to choose the wrong foundation color especially when you test it on your hand. When purchasing foundation, make sure to test it on your jawline as your hand is generally darker in skin tone.
  • Apply a bit of moisture to your lips before swiping on your lipstick. This will ensure that your lipstick lasts longer without smearing and drying out.
  • Do not cover your entire eye lid with eye shadow, which can make you look much older. Instead, apply it over the outer edge of your eyes.
  • Powder should be applied in a thin layer and not over generously, especially around the eye area as this highlights wrinkles and lines.
  • Use a correcter instead of a concealer to solve the problem of dark circles under the eye.
  • The daily use of waterproof mascara can cause eyelashes to drop. To avoid that, use mascara sparingly and remember to remove all traces of makeup at the end of the day.
  • Remember, makeup has expiry dates and expired makeup can cause skin infections and eye irritations, so make sure to get rid of all old cosmetic products.

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