We offer scholarships for students that show exemplary professional skills.

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Beauty School Scholarships and Grants

You’ve decided to come to Franklin Academy. Now what? We understand that finding the funds to pursue your passion for beauty can be tricky. That’s why we are here to help you with funding your dream! We offer beauty school scholarships and grants for hardworking students that graduate with their degree in cosmetology or aesthetics. Our on-site Financial Aid office can also answer questions about paying for your tuition to Franklin Academy or any other school.

Institutional Grants and Scholarships

Alumni Grant & Alumni Transfer Credit (revised Feb 12, 2018)
One objective of Franklin Academy’s Mission is to find ways that make higher education more affordable for more students. With this in mind, Franklin Academy is pleased to offer 2 options: First, an Alumni Grant of $2475 is offered to Franklin Academy graduates. This grant applies towards the tuition of the second program at the completion of the program. The second option allows Franklin Academy’s graduates transfer credit of 150 hours towards the total clock hours of the second program, reducing the tuition by an additional $1650, as well as, reducing the total time required to complete the second program. These two options are available to all Franklin Academy graduates; provide a total savings of $4125, which equates to one half of the tuition cost of the Aesthetics program.

**Note: Graduate must complete the new program to receive the Alumni Grant of $2475. If the graduate leaves the program before completion, they will not be awarded the Grant.

Unexpected School Closing Grant

Students who were attending another school which suddenly/unexpectedly closed may qualify for a grant at Franklin Academy based on hours completed at the previous school up to $2000.00.

Professionalism Scholarship Program

All Franklin Academy active students are eligible to receive a professionalism scholarship upon graduation. This scholarship is focused on fostering the professional skill sets required to sustain success in the beauty industry. Active students will have their salon and spa activity tracked on a monthly basis. As their activity level increases, so does the scholarship amount given to them at graduation. For specific activity levels, see the executive director or program instructor.

For Cosmetology students, levels are obtained by continuous activity for two months in a row. For Aesthetics and manicuring, meeting each metric of a scholarship level for a month, will allow the student to attempt to meet the next level of the Professionalism Scholarship Program. The scholarship amount awarded will be based on the highest level completed (not all levels combined). The scholarship amount is awarded and applied to the student’s ledger card only after the student meets all graduation requirements. Students are not able to skip any level. Levels range from $250 up to $2000.

If the student received any loans from the Title IV program, the scholarship will be applied to their Federal Loan Balance to reduce the debt taken on by the student. If no federal loans were received by the student, the scholarship will be applied to the students account to reduce any outstanding balance. If no balance is outstanding, the scholarship amount is provided by check to the student within 10 days of meeting all graduation requirements.

The scholarship level of professionalism will also be noted on the student’s transcript and conveyed to prospective employers of our graduates.

Matrix Academy Special Pricing

Once you are a student in our cosmetology program, you can choose to take classes as part of the Matrix Academy. Matrix is one of the best-known names in hair design. By being one of our students, you get special pricing on Matrix Academy classes. With the best stylists in the industry giving the lessons, our students gain a lot of knowledge from these reduce priced classes.

Whether you are paying for beauty school yourself or relying on scholarships and grants, Franklin Academy is on your side and here to help you find the best way to pay for your education. Call or stop by our Financial Aid office to get a personalized plan that will help you get the future you desire.