Start your future at Franklin Academy!

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Applying To Franklin Academy

Are you ready to apply? Franklin Academy is excited to help you begin your future in the beauty industry! The first step in applying for a spot at Franklin Academy is to visit the school. We believe it is important for each student to see where they will be learning and working for the coming months to see if they feel like it is a good fit. Our school tour will show you the classrooms where you will learn the hands-on procedures as well as our student-run salon where you will get to practice on actual clients.
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Visiting Our Financial Aid Office

We are proud to have a financial aid office right on-site! Our experienced staff will help you find the best options to help cover the cost for your education. We understand that this may be the stressful part of applying to school, but by helping you find the best options, we help ensure your future is affordable and bright.
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Experience Our Salon and Spa

Our student-run salon is extremely special to us. It offers our students the experience they need to secure a career after they graduate by giving them real-life experience. For prospective students, we invite you to come to our salon and get one of our services for free. This gives you the opportunity to experience what it will be like for your future clients as well as give you the chance to chat with current students about their experience at Franklin Academy. Getting the honest opinions of our current students is especially important because we know you may have questions and our students are the best ones to answer them.
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Filling Out An Application

After these steps, we invite you to fill out an application to join the next class at Franklin Academy! We will be with you every step of the way to help you begin your future. Fill out our form now to schedule a tour or get in contact with us today! We look forward to helping you start your career.