Aveda Makeup | Franklin Academy

Summer 2018 Makeup Trends

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to switch up your makeup routine and try something new – skin is darker, hair is lighter, we stay out later, and a new set of social events dominate our calendars.

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Skin Tips | Franklin Academy

Nighttime Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Are You Aware That The Environment Contributes To Skin Damage?

The best advice that professional skin experts offer for skin protection are preventative measures that should form part of your night time skin cleansing ritual.

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3 Everyday Hairstyles | Franklin Academy

3 Easy Everyday Hairstyles

Even if you don’t have loads of time to style your hair each day, you still have time to look put-together. Keep a few simple everyday hairstyles in your repertoire and you’ll look cute no matter how busy you are.

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Back To School | Franklin Academy

Back-to-School Makeup Tips

Summertime is winding down and our thoughts are turning to the beginning of school once again. Whether you’re headed back to high school or college this fall, making a great impression is important.

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