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Alphaparf Milano Academy hair color swatch

Alfaparf Milano Education

Franklin Academy is proud to be a partner with Alfaparf Milano, the world’s top brand in salon-quality products. Built around the philosophy of, “The job of a hairdresser is to create beauty,” Alfaparf Milano developed hair dyes, shampoo and conditioner, styling products, and more to help stylists give the gift of beauty to their clients. At Franklin Academy, we help our students embody this philosophy by training them with the proper tools and materials to bring their talents into the workforce.

Alfaparf Milano Training

As a premier Alfaparf Milano training school, Franklin Academy trains our students in a variety of topics through Alfaparf’s theology. Structured around the Italian taste in beauty, there are many different facets of Alfaparf training:

  • Painting – Structured around the core of color, this workshop is built around learning the coloring techniques of the masters.
  • Design – Updos, anti-frizz treatments, and perms are structured around multi-faceted service with color and finishing products.
  • Architecture – The architecture of cuts are discovered within the training of one-length lines, layering, and graduation techniques.
  • Gourmet – The innovative customization of Alfaparf products offers the luxurious addition of massage and service techniques.
  • Theatre – Building your book of business and learning how to improve customer loyalty are essentials to building a strong business.

Alfaparf Milano Hair Products

The secret to hair care isn’t a secret at all. Building the proper knowledge of products, care, and business gives your clients the best experience available. Our student-run salon features salon-grade products to provide our students the training necessary to carry out the best services in the real world. Our customers appreciate high-quality products at a reasonable cost. Known for their color and dyes, Alfaparf Milano has a broad range of products for any hair.

We are proud to offer Alfaparf Milano products and their training philosophy at Franklin Academy. Everyone benefits from our partnership with Alfaparf and we look forward to years of success using these salon-quality products and training techniques.