6 Cosmetology Careers Outside of Salons and Spas

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Do you love learning hairstyling, skincare, and makeup techniques? Have you looked at local cosmetology schools’ websites, but don’t feel like working in a spa or salon is for you? If that’s the case, you’re in luck. There are plenty of careers in the beauty industry beyond spas and salons once you earn your cosmetology license. These career opportunities include:

Fashion Show Stylist

People look to fashion shows for fashion and beauty inspiration, and the makeup trends that show up on the runway are often spotlighted in national and international magazines. If you are interested in creating beauty looks that will influence beauty and fashion trends around the world, this job might be for you.

Celebrity or Personal Stylist

Have you ever admired the beauty looks celebrities sport on the red carpet? Or the distinct looks your favorite musicians wear? If so, you may destined to offer your personal styling services to the stars. As personal celebrity hairstylist or makeup artist, you’ll be responsible for creating iconic looks that help define that star’s personal brand. This means you’ll help them decide on the styles and colors they broadcast to the world, not just on red carpets, but also on social media.

Film and Theater Stylist

Hair and makeup artists are an integral part of transforming actors into their characters. In this career path, you can stick to more traditional makeup techniques or venture out into the adventurous world of special effects makeup. You may be interested in this path if you enjoy seeing how makeup is integrated into visual storytelling. After all, you’ll be helping create the illusions of wounds and scars, or creating iconic character hairstyles.

Editorial and Advertising Stylist

This is similar to being a fashion stylist because you’ll be creating influential looks. In this case, however, you’ll develop fashionable looks that appear in magazines and visual ads. This career path allows you to create a wide variety of looks, from everyday girl-next-door to dramatic evening looks.

Brand Artistic Director

This path is slightly more business-oriented than the others. A brand artistic director is a beauty professional who determines the image, concept, and creative director of a particular beauty brand or company. In this role, you would predict new trends and design ways for your company to capitalize on them and incorporate them into its image. This is a great career for cosmetology students who are fascinated with beauty trends and interested in the business side of the beauty industry.

Platform Artist

This is a career path for students who love the spotlight and enjoy styling hair. Platform artists travel to beauty industry events, including beauty shows and hair shows, and perform on stage. They create hairstyles and beauty looks on live models, often to showcase specific techniques, tools, or products.

Your Dream Job Starts Here

If you’re interested in these and other cosmetology career paths, please reach out to us. The training our cosmetology programs provide can prepare you for any of these careers, and others, like becoming a skincare specialist. We offer financial aid and scholarship options to help you make your career goals a reality. If a path through beauty school sounds right to you, contact us today.