2018 Makeup Trends

Back to School

The makeup pros at Franklin Academy are proud to bring you the latest makeup trends of 2018. Just like fashion, makeup changes with each season as designers and makeup artists develop new tricks, discover new products, and branch out of the norm. While some current makeup trends tend to be runway only looks, we’ve broken down the makeup trends you can actually wear to class or on a date.


Current Face Makeup Trends

Golden Girls

The sun has set on bronzer. The new glow? Gold! The leader of this gold trend? None other than Fenty Beauty with Rihanna’s “Trophy Wife,” yellow-gold metallic gold highlighter. With many more brands following suit, our favorite is still the original, hyper pigmented highlighter. Warm and dark skin tones can go crazy with dusting this powdered gold anywhere and everywhere! Cheeks, cupid’s bow, collar bones, you name it, put some gold on it. For those with a pale complexion or cooler tones, use it as an eyeshadow or spot-highlighter to avoid a washout.


Bold and Brazen Brows

Does it need to be said? Bold brows are still in! The new trick is to make them look full, thick, and natural with them being anything but. Natural thick brows aren’t something everyone is born with, but with the help of the perfect brow pencil, highlighter, and tinted gel, you can give the illusion of a thick brow. This doesn’t mean it’ll take you hours to get ready. By using a colored eyebrow gel, you can add color and the look of volume, in one quick swipe. Swipe right and left, this is one product you’ll be dating for awhile.


Current Eye Makeup Trends

Negative, The New Positive

The graphic shape of a cat-eye has withstood the test of time and this year it’s taken on a negative look. Not negative as in bad but negative as in space. The black eyeliner is being drawn on like a cat-eye but leaving the middle stroke-free of makeup — making a cat-eye outline. Finding the best eyeliner for this new artsy take on the classic means finding a felt-tip precision pen, preferably waterproof to protect your extra work.


Twiggin’ Out

Twiggy, known for her bold eyelashes, has come back from the 1970s! Bold, voluminous, clumpy, and piecey lashes are here for 2018. It’s true that in makeup, just like in fashion, what goes around, comes around again. Get this chunky look with multiple coats of volume mascara or using single faux eyelashes grouped together closely along the lash lines. Drugstore brands are now giving salon makeup brands a run for their money when it comes to creating volume with a single spoolie. Pick up a couple of different options, mix and match, to see which brands give you the most “OOMPH”.


Blue’s the Hue

The 80’s. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Let’s just say somethings should be left in the 80s – ahem – leg warmers. Blue eyeshadow, the IT shade for the 80s decade, has made a resurgence. This beauty trend can be worn by anyone if it’s done tastefully. One of our favorite summer releases is The Born to Run eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay which offers a deep, denim blue called, “Radio,” and a lighter blue, “Big Sky.” Using a matte blue eyeshadow or a metallic blue eyeliner can make your peepers pop. Focusing on the blue hue, try not to overdo it in the lips and cheek department. A bold brow is an excellent frame for your on-trend eye makeup.


Lipstick Trends 2018

Bullets are Back

Say goodbye to the Kylie Lip duos; she’s developed the basic, ordinary lipstick for a, once again, sold out in minutes, debut. While the matte look can still be seen, a more creamy, hydrating look has taken the top place in popularity.


Juicy Red Lips

Juicy, strong red lips with a bare face made a comeback to the look of the runway. With a base of basic red lipstick and a swipe of shiny lip gloss on top, this high shine look is easy to pull off for day or night.


Whatever makeup trend you are eager to try, Franklin Academy can help teach you how to apply these trends, and more, with our cosmetology school. For those who love to stay on trend, have a passion for color and shape, and want to explore future opportunities in careers, visit Franklin Academy to see if we’re a good fit!